Redemption Academy Is Changing

Redemption Academy Is Changing

After more than 15 years of helping students to know Christ, to be changed more into His likeness and to start to discover their individual calling in God’s world, it is has been decided to close the school at the end of the summer term 2015.

What’s Next?

The Trustees are still committed to Christian education, though unable to continue with the full time school model. From September 2015 there will be a part time tuition service available for parents who wish to use the ACE curriculum in a home-school environment. The tuition service, though part time will provide the expertise of experienced supervisors and leaders, oversight of tests, the managing and recording of all results, the chance for students to socialise, and a chance for parents to network and collaborate on educational trips and projects.


About Redemption Academy…

Redemption Academy is an independent Christian School in Stevenage, Hertfordshire catering for reception through to sixth form. Our use of the ACE curriculum allows us to offer each student a personalised learning program that is tailored to their specific requirements; this results in increased confidence, understanding and exceptional results.

Values: At Redemption Academy we believe that it is impossible to have a true education without knowing God. After all He is the source of all truth, wisdom and knowledge; therefore in order for an education to be authentic it must have the Creator at its centre.

Methodology: Our methodology is driven by our values; because God is personal and both creates and communicates by His words our curriculum is personalised to the individual student and communicates God’s word and the character of Jesus in all subjects.

Exceptional Results: Our results speak for themselves; not only do our students attain superior academic understanding but they also develop as a whole person. The majority of students graduating from Redemption Academy go on to college and or university.